Box Tops for Education

Community Care Box Top LogoWe believe in giving back to our community, not just by the healthcare we provide, but also by providing children with the tools necessary to succeed. To accomplish this goal, we believe coming together as a community is essential for the future of our children.

At Community Care, we understand that each box top makes a difference. Even by what may seem like a small step, together this will make a large long-lasting footprint in the community.

Timeline: September 2012-April 2013. We would like to kick-off the campaign at a beginning of the school year, and continue it throughout the school year. Contests will be held three times during the course of the year.

Competition will be school-wide classroom vs. classroom. The winner is determined by the class with the most box tops raised at the end of each time period.

To help limit costs for the schools, we would like to provide all materials necessary to help make this drive successful. These will include fridge magnets, tracking charts for individual students, classrooms, and entire school.

Currently seeking media sponsors, food sponsors, etc.

Please feel free to email me with any additional questions at:
Indiea Rasmussen- Marketing Assistant